Behaviour Therapy

What is Behaviour Therapy?

Behaviour Therapy is a psychological treatment that looks at the effects that negative thinking and behaving can have on our lives.

Behaviour Therapy is proven to be highly effective and it focuses on the ‘here and now’ problems that are causing difficulties, distress or unhappiness. Treatment is provided for individuals and for couples. It starts with a case formulation that considers the problems that bring you to therapy. The methods I use are backed up by research evidence base and are recommended by and widely used in the NHS for a range of problems. 

Behaviour is regarded as learned, and therefore new and more adaptive behaviours can also be learned. Current behaviour rather than past events is taken as the focus for treatment. This is quite unlike the psychodynamic approach which explores the meaning of the behaviour and its link to the past. Behaviour Therapy has a solid evidence base and is a recommended treatment

How it works

Many problems exist because of fears that lead to avoidance of doing certain things. For instance, if you find social situations difficult and avoid social encounters because you feel that you do not have the skills or confidence. Or if you are depressed you may stop doing things and become isolated from valued activities in your life. Avoiding the things you find difficult can create a vicious cycle, as the more you avoid them the more anxious or distressed you feel.

The most important aspect of treatment is helping you to conquer your fears and putting you back in touch with the “positive reinforcers” in your life. Overcoming your problems might not be easy but the support and guidance of an experienced therapist will help you to make the changes you need. I will not ‘make’ you do anything you don’t want to, and your full consent is gained before starting treatment

Behaviour Therapy treatments have been shown to bring about great improvements for many people.


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