Conditions Treated

Conditions treated by behaviour therapy

  • Free yourself from fears and phobias

In order to protect ourselves we are all programmed to be fearful of certain things. But when the fear and panic stops us doing things such as approaching animals, objects or even social settings, then treatment can be effective. Common phobias include dogs, birds, heights, crowded shops, spiders, leaving the house unaccompanied vomiting, thunder and so on.


  •  Overcome obsessional compulsive problems

Some people have intrusive recurrent thoughts that come into their mind. You may feel compelled to carry out certain activities or rituals like repeatedly washing your hands because they always feel dirty.


  •  Solve your sexual problems

The commonest problems for men are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and for women the most common problems are painful intercourse and problems with orgasms. Whatever the problems maybe, they are often held in place by anxiety and past learning which I can help you to understand and overcome.

People can also have sexual problems when they have unwanted behaviour that is very difficult to stop. I have a lot of experience in helping people with such problems, so contact me if you are seeking help.


  •  Stop unwanted habits

Habits are involuntary  behaviours can be difficult to stop and might affect you in a range of ways such as muscle tics,  twitching,  hair pulling, thumb sucking, bed wetting, and so on.


  •  Improve your Mood

Depression and low mood can be treated using a method that helps you to get back in touch with your valued activities which then improves your mood. This achieved without medication, although any changes that you wish to make to your medication should be done in discussion with your GP.


  •  Reduce your unhelpful stress and anxiety

Anxiety, stress and panic can sometimes just come out of the blue or be with you most of the time. I can help you to learn and practice techniques that reduce your stress and manage your feelings of panic. In time you will feel stronger and more confident and the feelings of stress, anxiety or panic will get weaker and weaker.

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